Private Parties

Planning a Wedding, or hosting a Banquet? We want your event to be everything you’ve dreamed of and beyond. From our enchanting aerialists to our characters and comedians, we are excited to be a part of your experience.

Entertainment packages

We offer all kinds of performance types, catered to the size, theme, and specifications of your event. Rose City Circus wants to provide you with the best entertainment possible. We offer several various entertainment packages which may consist of one or many styles of performance. Specific forms of talent, such as fire and aerial performance do require certain conditions within the venue and event specifications.


Performers are integrated into the crowd creating an interactive environment. Stilt-walkers tower over the crowd while jugglers and characters engage the guests from among their midst.


Our aerialists and acrobats become part of the décor, living pieces of art in the atmosphere. These ambient performances can take place throughout your event in any number of places for a determined amount of time.

Aerial Bartending

There’s no better way to pour champagne than from upside down, hanging high, or spinning ’round. Women of many talents, our aerial bartenders are happy to serve classic drinks in a modern way.

Specialty Acts

Each of our performers has specific skills which they have honed over thousands of hours of training and which they high-light in original, captivating acts. These acts can be customized to your event but must have set music. Specific acts are always impressive focal points and a great way to highlight the excellence of our artists.


We have created full length (50 min) and abbreviated (30 min) original productions which highlight the acrobatic and aerial skills for which we are known. This is perfect for onstage entertainment and a truly authentic circus show experience. For more information please refer to our productions page

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Entertainment packages and Price depend on the size and scale of the event, the number of performers, types of performance and the venue. We are always happy to answer any questions. For initial inquiries, please fill out the form below to the best of your ability.

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